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Relēver is an effective and easy-to-use handheld device that targets the proper muscles in the jaw by using the simple concept of stretching to release tension and pain. Designed with a soft tip that comfortably grips over the lower front teeth, the user can apply gradual and gentle downward and sideways traction via the comfortable handle, maintaining complete control of the stretch.

  • Drug-free
  • Easy-to-use  
  • Soft tip with comfortable grip
  • Portable  
  • Easy to clean
  • Created by a medical doctor
  • Endorsed by healthcare professionals
  • Suggested stretching routine provided


18 reviews for Relēver

The Relēver worked for me!

I bought the Relever over a month ago and with consistent daily use (3 times a day for a couple minutes each time) I noticed less tension in my jaw and fewer headaches. I workout regularly and stretching is an important part of my daily routine so it makes sense that the Relever works when used consistently.

- Relēver User (via Amazon)July 10, 2018

It does eliminate tension in the jaw area which spreads to cause "computer neck" and headaches. I use it on an as needed basis and it gives essentially instant relief. Simple, but effective.

- Relēver User (via Amazon)November 29, 2017

Works very well in reducing my jaw pain and tension headaches. Very easy to use, but my only complaint is that the grip can’t hold one side of my mouth as well, so it’s prone to slippage. This isn’t a big deal breaker however. The key is to be consistent in using the product. After the first few days, you will feel great and think you can go a week without it. WRONG! Just like certain medications, you need to continue usage even if you feel better. You won’t need it as frequently, and can reduce your usage, but don’t put it aside for too long.

- Relēver User (via Amazon)December 2, 2017

I kinda thought this would be a joke but ordered it anyways because I was looking for anything that helped with my jaw tension and migraines. It's actually a handy little thing that does exactly what its supposed to. Feels great.

- Relēver User (via Amazon)September 13, 2017

This tool is strange but awesome. It is much easier to massage sore muscles in your mouth and jaw using this than hands. And probably more sanitary. I would prefer the tip to be just slightly narrower, but with practice it is working out fine.

- Relēver User (via Amazon)February 27, 2018

Painfree without killing my liver!!

I have had unbearable jaw pain and headaches for almost 2 months now. Every 2 hours I was popping painkillers that said they would last up to 8 hours... I would wake up all hours of the night to pop more painkillers and wouldn't fall back asleep until they kicked in. I bought this straight from the distributor yesterday and my pain has almost vanished!!! I am honestly shocked with how well this worked. Plus it only costs as much as over the counter advil has been costing me every few days. So worth the purchase! I slept all through the night for the first time in months last night. So pleased with this weird little tool.

- Relēver User (via Amazon)July 7, 2018

Great for those with jaw tension

This does seem to help my jaw pain, TMJ and tension headaches although I feel a bit silly while using it. I have noticed that I can’t do it if I have a migraine or it worsens the pain.

- Relēver User (via Amazon)April 27, 2018

Very cool little tool. Medicine hurts my stomach and this is WAY better than trying to use fingers as doctor once told me. I love the stretches (side stretch was totally new), I feel so much better after using it in the morning and at night. Thank you for this. Headaches are way down!

- Relēver User (via Amazon)September 22, 2017

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