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Your jaw, head and neck muscles are all interconnected. Stress and anxiety cause tension buildup within the jaw muscles. Stretching the jaw muscles with Relēver will release this tension and will have a cascading effect throughout the head and neck muscles, ultimately relieving your tension headaches and associated head pain. Designed with a soft tip that comfortably grips over the lower front teeth, the user can apply a gradual and gentle downward and sideways stretch via the comfortable handle all while in control of how much pressure is applied to each stretch. Click on the video to the right to see exactly how Relēver works.

More About Relēver


Just like with any other major muscle group, stretching your jaw muscles improves blood flow and range of motion while relieving stiffness and tension that can cause headaches and associated pain.


Stretching your jaw with Relēver helps to release tension in your jaw muscles, which has a cascading effect to your head and neck.


Jaw tension is a major trigger of pain in your head, neck or jaw. Releasing jaw tension can help relieve your pain.

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Easy. Quick. Time Efficient.

Relēver can be used anytime, anywhere, and the stretching routine included with purchase will take less than 3 minutes per session, twice a day.

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