Drug-Free Headache Relief is Here!

Your jaw, head and neck muscles are all interconnected. Stress and anxiety can cause tension buildup within the jaw muscles. Stretching the jaw muscles with Relēver can release this tension to have a cascading effect throughout the head and neck muscles, ultimately helping to relieve symptoms associated with tension and tension headaches.

Safe, Affordable and Easy-To-Use

Created by a doctor, Relēver is a jaw-stretching device that can be used anywhere at anytime. Forget the constant medicating and stretch your headaches away today with Relēver.

It’s easy! Simply perform the three stretches below for 30 seconds each, twice a day!


Strech 1: Downward Stretch

Place the soft tip of the Relēver on top of your lower front teeth, with the handle directly under your chin. Keeping your eyes forward and your chin up, gently pull the handle straight down until you feel a comfortable stretch.


Strech 2: Right Lateral Stretch

Place the Relēver in a comfortable location on the inside of your lower teeth with the handle and your elbow pointing straight out to the side. Gently pull the handle, stretching your jaw to the left, providing a lateral stretch.


Strech 3: Left Lateral Stretch

Repeat the motion from stetch 2 on the other side of your jaw. With the handle and your elbow pointing straight out to the side, gently pull the handle to provide a lateral stretch on the right side of the jaw.

User Tested, Doctor Recommended

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Dr. Nick Sechrist
Doctor of Chiropractic

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Dr. Gary Klasser
Orofacial Pain Expert